What is an ICP filing?

2019-11-22 09:47:02 294

According to the Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services and Measures for the Archival Administration of Non-operational Internet Information Services, China mandates an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing system for non-commercial Internet information services and an ICP licensing system for commercial Internet information services. Websites that have not obtained an official ICP filing or license are prohibited from operating Internet information services. Therefore, all websites that provide services to Mainland China must first obtain an ICP filing. You can apply for an ICP filing, modify ICP filing information, cancel an ICP filing, and claim an ICP filing in the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system.

Overview of the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system

As shown in the following figure, websites that are built to provide services for users involve the following information: instance and access information, website information, and entity information. To apply for an ICP filing, you must submit the preceding information to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) so that it can verify the authenticity and security of the services provided by your website.